Group meets from 11:30am-3:30pm

The Tuesday men’s group has a primary focus on fitness. These men are active members of their community and attempt to engage in a physical activity on a weekly basis. Half of group time is spent at the Conditioning Spa where the men lift weights, swim, and/or play basketball. The other half of group is spent indoors or outdoors participating a wide range of physical activities suited for all skill levels.

The men in this group not only share friendships with group members and staff but have a partnership with each other. They are committed to seeing each other achieve and succeed. In this group, people are held accountable. The men maintain weight records. They set lifting goals and have “max out” days to assess their lifting progress. Those that do not want to lift have a variety of options to maintain health. The men set time amounts on the treadmills and have set lap goals for the pool. The men work together by teaching others to use the equipment, modeling techniques, and spotting each other for safety.

Despite the men’s commitment to being fit, there is always some “clowning” around going on. These men can’t take each other too seriously. Their competitive nature has these guys always joking and trying to outwit the next person. Whether they are bowling, on a nature walk, or playing Frisbee golf there is always an element of fun to be had by all. There is always time to celebrate a birthday, holiday, or lunch out with the fellows. This is a great active group that radiates energy!