Shauna Young


With AALLC Since October 2003

I love having the opportunity to work with people who inspire me such as our employees and the individuals we serve. Interacting with these individuals and being a part of helping and watching them grow and learn as people while meeting their goals is my favorite part of the job. 

I started as a Direct Care Provider with AALLC in 2003 and continued providing direct care services while working as the administrative assistant until I became the Director in 2009. I miss working directly with individuals, but love being the Director because I get to be apart of the bigger picture for all of the individuals we serve and not just a few people.

Spending time with my family and friends. Snowboarding, shopping, excising, and doing Pilates. 

Shauna is an amazing boss who respects everyone she works with and really believes in her employees and their abilities.

I can say that Shauna is the best boss I've ever worked for. She is always available to her staff and very easy to talk with.

She is really one of the best bosses I have ever worked with (not sucking up) she makes me, as an employee, feel validated and heard.

Encouraging, positive and a great leader.

intuitive, caring, creative, advocate, on top of things, knowledgeable and respectful

I turned in my application the day after I turned 18 in 2003 to be a Direct Care Provider because I was preparing to go to nursing school and thought this field would give me some of the experience I needed to be a nurse. I quickly discovered my passion for working with the individuals we serve and decided a few years later to change my career path to working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities as the irector of AALLC and changed my degree to business. 

Vanessa Jones

Program Coordinator/ Direct Care Provider

With AALLC since April 2014

I love seeing improvement of the individuals I work with, whether it was a life or communication skill they were struggling with.

I love SCC and Enhanced Homemaker. It is always fun to see the individuals interacting with one another and building relationships. The EH service because it is cool to see the individuals learning skills to be independent.

I enjoy being active, anything outside, hiking, swimming, playing games with friends and my Husband. I also enjoy spending time with middle school students through the youth group at my church.

I started because my brother has cerebral palsy. I connect with AALLC because he was using their services. Ever since then, I have truly enjoyed being able to spend my time with each person I work with and the love and joy they bring to life.

Vanessa is a very upbeat and extremely nice person. I'm happy to hear that she will be helping out the staff with more office work.

She goes the extra mile, she is always willing to make sure you are able to do your best. She is so helpful and wise with so much knowledge.

she is positive, a great leader and very sweet.

Vanessa is loved by everyone she works with and lights up the room when she walks in. Vanessa makes so many wonderful connections for the individuals and group connections available to all of the individuals we serve. Vanessa's person centered approach to services is evident in all she does.

Amy Worley

Direct Care Provider

With AALLC Since July 2015

"The amazing people that I get to work with, employees and individuals."

"Enhanced Homemaker because I enjoy learning and teaching others how to cook new things."

"I enjoy being with my family outside of work. I have two boys, they are at a wonderful age where everything is a curiosity."

"I have a nephew that has a disability and I've enjoyed helping him learn and seeing how he sees the world. Also, my best friend told me that I had to come work for her because I'd be great at it."

"Very helpful, kind."

"Caring, thoughtful, advocate"

"Cheerful, helpful, productive"

Brianne Smith

Direct Care Provider

With AALLC since August 2012

"All the fun activities that group members pick to do."

"I love working with the groups because they get to interact with the community and each other, and as time has gone on, I have gotten to watch individuals grow with their interaction skills."

I like to read, watch movies and TV shows, and spending time with my husband.

"I felt I could fit in with individuals with special needs because I'm a people person and I wanted to put my need of helping people "

"Something that I really like about Bri is how much she really cares not only about her clients, but the people she works with, she is very easy to be friends with."

"Infectious happiness"

"Positive, flexible, helpful"

"Thoughtful, friendly, great leader"

"Brianne is loved by all who work with her, especially the ladies in the numerous groups she leads. Brianne's caring nature of reliability and impeccable documentation are just a few of her many strengths that make her a valued member of our team."

Amanda Stilwell

Direct Care Provider

With AALLC Since March 2018

My favorite part about working with Alternatives Access is meeting and getting to know cool fun people every day.

My favorite service is groups because I love seeing everyone interact with each other and the activities are always fun. I also like respite because I like the one on one bond of it, getting to know people and doing what makes them happy.

Outside of work I like to hang out with my friends and my cat, go to the mountains and on random "adventures" when I can, relax, and watch Netflix.

When I was in High School, I signed up for Unified Sports with my friend because she was interested in it. I stayed and grew a love for people who have disabilities because they always show me how to be more kind, compassionate, inclusive and a better friend.

Amanda is very friendly and easy to get along with. The individuals we serve have taken a liking to her very quickly. Amanda has many things in common with the individuals, which makes it easy for them to talk to her.

She is a happy person and has a passion for working with people with Disabilities! We have appreciated her experience with being the President of Best Buddies at UNC. She fits in with everyone she has worked with and has a caring nature.

Aspen Truitt

Direct Care Provider

I love getting to see the small improvements that are made when working with someone.

I love providing respite because it is one on one time where you can really get to know someone.

I love to volunteer with children and i also enjoy working with dogs.

I took a course for a special education minor that helped grow my interest in working with individuals with disabilities.

Christina "Tina" Passman

Administrative Assisstant

With AALLC Since June 2012

As an admin assistant, doing pay day because i get to see most of the employees and a few clients.

Spending time outside with my son.

Reliable, talkative, easy going

Very understanding and easy to talk with

She is always so happy to help a person and never makes you feel like you're in her way

Caring, creative and on top of things.

Christina is the best office mate and always makes work fun when she is around, especially when she brings her son Ryder with her. Without Christina running everything behind the scenes we wouldn't be able to do what we do.

Carlos Ramirez

Direct Care Provider

with Alternatives Access since August 2003

Respite because it gives me an opportunity to do volunteer work, work out and other things that the individuals like to do.

Spending time with my family and friends.

I have always liked helping others who need help

He is a unique individual and always has a great attitude.

Carlos is a dedicated employee who is very passionate about helping others and has a way of making everyone he works with feel comfortable. Carlos' sense of humor brightens up the room every time he walks in.

Deb Stitt


With AALLC Since March 2013

Getting to work with the individuals and providers while utilizing a completely different area of nursing than I have been used to for the past 40+ years.

Education, my favorite service I provide. I know that the more the providers are well educated in caring for our individuals, the more advantages our individuals have to meet their goals.

Spending time with my family, especially my grandsons. I also love to travel and read.

she reliable, experienced, knowledgeable and caring. she is also timely and dedicated.

Deb is a wonderful nurse and one of the most kind compassionate and giving individuals I know but I may be a little biased because she is my mom! Deb always goes above and beyond for the individuals she works with to find out how we can best support them and their needs within the guidelines we are given.

Crystal Derrera

Direct Care Provider

With AALLC since August 2018

Being able to help those who would otherwise not get out into the community as much as they do with Alternatives Access.

Supported community connection, I enjoy getting Clients out and about and away from their homes.

Exploring and learning new things.

A friend told me I'd be good at it, and it seemed like a great way to help individuals and it is.

When given suggestions on how to support her client Crystal is always positive and a good listener. Crystal is a hard worker but firm. Great at redirecting in difficult situations and has developed great relationships with individuals she works with.

Crystal has been a great addition to our team. She is reliable, kind, and liked by everyone she works with. She is always willing to listen and try new things to ensure that individuals gain the new skills to foster their independence. Crystal is a great advocate for the individuals she works with.

Teresa Ramirez

Direct Care Provider

With AALLC Since December 2014

Giving back and working one on one with the people I provide services to. 

Supported community connections because I get to take people out to the community and work with them on being aware of their surroundings.

I enjoy going to the gym, hiking, reading and spending time with my family. 

she is always so happy and helpful not only to her clients but their families as well.

Because I enjoy helping and making people's Day and also to encourage them that people do care.

Teresa is an easy going, friendly and incredibly reliable and determined individual. Teresa has helped many of the people she works with accomplish their goals in a short amount of time. Teresa goes above and beyond to meet the needs of the individuals she serves and in her documentation of how those needs are being met.

Diana Leschinsky

Direct Care Provider/ Job Coach

With AALLC since May 2003

The people without a doubt. I love forming a personal/professional relationship with the individuals I work with and feel it helps me to perform my job better. I also enjoy my coworkers because we obviously all have something in common by choosing to work in the field we are in.

I don't really have a favorite because I enjoy the variety of services that I provide. It makes everyday I go to work different and allows me to be flexible in the field. I also like the fact that I am helping people in a different capacities because people have very different needs as individuals.

I love the outdoors, golf, softball, volleyball and exercise. My kids and volunteering also take up a lot of my free time but i would like to make more time to travel to the beach, ideally on the east coast, and reading.

My very first job was in a group home with no prior experience. The experience for just a paycheck quickly turned into a passion and an opportunity to teach and expose others to the disabled population to help compassion and acceptance for others to grow.

She is always helpful and there is nothing she wouldn't do to help an individual. she is very hard working and you can always count on her for both her coworkers and her individuals.

It is evident in everything Diana does that she cares deeply about the individuals she works with. Diana is a true advocate for those she works with and is not only a valued mentor to them but to the employees she works alongside. She is extremely dependable and consistently willing to provide additional support to the individuals we serve and coverage to fellow employees when needed.

Carrie Van Ness

Direct Care Provider

With AALLC Since June 15, 2020

Getting to hang out with a wonderful group of individuals who have so much fun in life. 

I love Respite because we get to do all the fun things that our individuals love doing!

I love to run, garden, read, play the piano, hang out with my dogs and husband. 

Carrie is a positive force to the individuals she serves, and it is a joy to watch her interact with them. You can see how much she is liked by everyone and how much they enjoy her company.

Ever since I was a teenager, I had friends with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Their disabilities never made any difference to our friendships. I love helping people be their best selves.

Carrie is incredibly kind, caring, and positive. She is loved by everyone she works with and has made lasting impacts on the lives of those she serves. She is incredibly reliable and has gone out of her way to help out when needed.

Mandy McCoy

Direct Care Provider

With AALLC since April 2002

Flexibility and working with a variety of individuals.

Supported Community Connections because it can be challenging to connect individuals in their community.

Developing recipes for my cook cook, working out at the gym, swimming and hanging out with friends.

I have a son with Autism and worked as a parent advocate and developed a 501 C3 to help others that didn't qualify for CCB Services.

she is fun to work with and she is the best to help you out. she is very kind-hearted and caring.

Mandy is incredibly caring and a strong advocate for the people she works with. Mandy has a great deal of knowledge to offer and it shows in the long standing relationships that she holds with her individuals she works with. she is reliable, outgoing, and fun, and there is never a dull moment when Mandy is around.

Kayla Cushing

Direct Care Provider

With AALLC Since 2020

Being able to connect more personally with individuals being on a one-on-one service.

Respite, because it seems less of a job and more than hanging out with my individual I’m providing service to that day.

Napping, dancing, singing, drawing.

Kayla is kind and easy to talk to. Kayla is helpful with the individuals she works with on the zoom meetings and they all can’t wait to meet her in person.

This job, working with developmental disabled is where I want my career to be in.

Kayla is new to AALLC but in her short time with the agency she has impressed me as a hard worker and someone who is reliable. The individuals who Kayla work with all enjoy their time with her. I look forward to getting to know Kayla better throughout her time with the agency.

M'Kinna Lee Smith

Direct Care Provider

With AALLC since June 16, 2020

My favorite part of working with Alternatives Access is getting to meet so many awesome people and being able to do some great things in the community through the services we provide!

My favorite service that I provide is groups because it is an awesome way to socialize and meet see everyone, plus the activities are always so fun! I enjoy being able to come up with the activities together and learning from them!

Outside of work, I like to do anything in the outdoors. Whether it is hiking, skiing, camping, or kayaking, as long as I am outside then I am happy!

I started working with developmentally disabled individuals because I had friends growing up that had disabilities. Because of them, when I came to college I joined a club called Best Buddies that got me involved with the same community here in Greeley. I met a lot of people through that organization that receive services from Alternatives Access, and this led to me working here now!

M’Kinna is a great people person and the individuals she works with and their families really enjoy her. M’Kinna has a great personality and fits well in her SCC and one-on-one services.

M’Kinna lights up a room when she is in it. She is sweet and the individuals she works with love her. M’Kinna is independent, reliable, and able to make decisions that will best serve the individuals she works with. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to fellow employees.

Michelle Bruning

Direct Care Provider

With AALLC Since May 1, 2020

I love working and seeing all the amazing individuals in groups and one-on-ones. I love seeing all the individuals grow in so many ways.

I love all the services I provide. I like one-on-ones because I get to know the individual very well and I get to focus on their goals to help them achieve as much as they can! I love groups because I love seeing everyone interacting and working on social skills. They all have such great friendships and work so well together.

Outside of work I love being outdoors, taking bike rides, playing with my dogs or painting/ doing crafts. I also love playing soccer or really any sport or reading books of any genre.

Michelle has a kind personality and has no problem making friends with the individuals she serves. Michelle’s creativity brings fun to her groups through Zoom meetings.

My brother is developmentally disabled, so I have always been around this group of individuals. In high school I was in a Teacher Cadet program where I got to work with individuals who have a disability, and I loved the joy, challenges, and opportunities this diverse group of individuals brought me.

Michelle is a pleasure to work with. She is incredibly independent, dependable, and good at communicating with admin staff and the individuals she serves. She is creative, caring, kind, and helps out whenever she can. She is a great advocate and is always willing to go above and beyond to make sure the needs of the individuals she serves are met in the best way possible.

Tasia Derrera

Direct Care Provider

With AALLC since June 1, 2020

My favorite is the connections that you make with your clients.

My favorite to provide is group because you get to be with multiple people and see everyone interact with each other and have fun.

Outside of work I enjoy doing art and listening to music.

I started working with the developmentally disabled because I wanted to help people and give them chances, they might not have if it were not for the direct care providers.

Tasia gets along great with the individuals she serves. Tasia is helpful to staff and the individuals with one-on-one and SCC services, and is willing to go above and beyond.

Tasia is a great addition to our AALLC team. She is young but she is motivated, dependable, eager to learn, and an incredibly hard worker. Tasia is calm, kind, caring, and compassionate. She is always willing to help other staff when needed.