Our Mission

Alternatives Access' basic philosophy is that we are all interconnected to and interdependent upon each other for providing a true sense of community, association, and personal involvement.

The primary goal of Alternatives Access, LLC is to connect individuals and their families with the provision of services and supports available to everyone living in Colorado and then making those connections work positively through individually developed emotional, personal, physical, and habilitative supports.

Our Objectives

  • AALLC individualizes services and supports based upon need.
  • AALLC offers more flexibility and individual choice, guaranteeing the most effective and efficient use of resources available to individuals and families.
  • AALLC coordinates and initiates services and supports in an extremely timely manner, eliminating delays and providing the accountability individuals and families deserve.
  • AALLC is well aware of our competition and strives to be faster, more responsive, and efficient at providing quality service and supports.
  • AALLC provides more options because of our knowledge of public resources, our willingness to research and explore alternatives, our creativeness and innovation, and our desire to work harder to provide those services and supports that are more difficult to obtain.
  • AALLC emphasizes the utilization of natural supports, community options, and other agencies not necessarily connected with the traditional types of medical or developmental services.
  • AALLC thinks "outside of this box" of typical services when meeting the individualized needs of the people we serve when available services may not be adequate or do not fit into an individual's way of life.

Our Logo - The Dragonfly

According to American Indian legend, the Dragonfly is the essence of the winds of change, and the messenger of wisdom and enlightenment. Dragonfly medicine beckons us to seek out the parts of our lives that we need and want to change; it represents the time to break down the beliefs we hold about our abilities that restrict our actions or ideas. The Dragonfly’s shifting of color, energy, form, and movement lets us each imagine a time or place where anything is possible.

As the logo for Alternatives Access, LLC, the Dragonfly represents a commitment to providing services and supports to individuals and their families so that they may continue to grow and enjoy a full life through opportunity, diversity, and continuity. Each of the AALLC Dragonfly’s wings has a different design and color arrangement symbolizing our interdependence on each other and the variety of possibilities available to all of us as we strive to meet our personal goals for success and achievement in our lives and involvement in our communities.

Our Staff

At AALLC, the individuals we serve are immeasurably valuable to us. That extreme value inspires us to demand excellence from ourselves and in the work we do. AALLC is committed to paying wages reflective of the importance of our work and the value the individuals we serve, and is particularly selective when hiring employees to provide the services and supports offered through the company.

AALLC employees bring a wealth of experience, education, sincerity, and dedication to their work. AALLC enjoys the luxury of experienced, professional, and well-trained employees who use their talents, time, attention, ideas, passion, and established networks to assist individuals, and their families, in establishing innovative and effective supports and services necessary for full inclusion, independence and interdependence, and in attaining confidence and self-worth.